Ginseng Lotion Active BES Box 6 X 12x10ml Treatment Intensive Against Fall

Ginseng Lotion Active BES Box 6 X 12x10ml Treatment Intensive Against Fall

Ginseng Lotion Active BES Box 6 X 12x10ml Treatment Intensive Against Fall    Ginseng Lotion Active BES Box 6 X 12x10ml Treatment Intensive Against Fall

BES ® Beauty & Science. COLORED and / or TREATED hair. White or Gray Hair Man. FINE, BRITTLE OR THIN HAIR. ANTI-YELLOW WHITE OR GRAY hair. FALL ARREST ANTI HAIR LOSS. Body Care - Body Care. Discounts & LOWER COST Offers. Consumables and Materials of Use. Sea Pool Sun & SUN. Argan & Macadamia Oil Biacrè ®.


Lisap ® LK FOAMY UP TOPCARE. INOA ® by L'Oreal - ODS2. Schwarzkopf ® OSIS + Bona Cure. SHT ® BAREX ® ITALIAN. Keratin System ® TMT Keratin.


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We are a family of hairdressing technicians and beauticians and for more than twenty years with my collaborators I have been managing a Hair Studio - Aesthetic Center in Padua city. With the advice of a qualified beautician teacher, we also have sections dedicated to. Make Up and Body Care or.
In the context of Natural WELL-BEING. We have new products and promotions weekly, come back often. Thanks for the preference you give us! On the graphics below for an automatic search. Some BRANDS or DEPARTMENTS may appear out of stock for. Because we are continuously populating. Give us the right time to insert the articles correctly and you will be satisfied. In all cases we are always available to listen to your requests. Product Description - Item Description. 6 SIX Box of 12 vials of 10 ml = 72 vials. Treatment to be carried out in conjunction with. In the prevention of hair loss. Lotion in fale adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss. Weak roots, slow regrowth and a dull, lifeless appearance require treatment of.

The synergistic action carries out an adjuvant activity in prevention. Of the fall, fortifying the hair at the root and bringing it back to the beauty and body typical of. Ginseng extract is a very valuable aid for the prevention of hair loss.

Thanks to its tonic, stimulating and revitalizing properties. The special formula of GINSENG.
ACTIVE LOTION presents a multivitamin complex that provides the right nourishment to. Root of the hair and help it find the right balance in the growth cycle.

It slows down hair loss by stimulating the activity of the capillary bulb at the root. Professional advice and method of use. Cleanse the scalp with ACTIVE GINSENG SHAMPOO shampoo.

Of the entire contents of the fala, develop a massage divided into three phases. 1 - with your fingers push the scalp from the nape towards the top of the head. 2 - always with the fingers together make lateral vibratory movements facing the top. 3 - conclude by pressing with both hands on the front part and gradually sliding towards the. Box containing 12 single-dose 10 ml ampoules. Salon-Service: Behandlung in Kombination mit verwendet werden Ginseng Aktiv Shampoo, um Haarausfall zu verhindern. Produkteinstellung: Lotion in Fläschchen, für Haarausfall Prävention. Außerdem: Schwache Wurzeln, langsames Wachstum und stumpfes Haar erfordern die GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION Behandlung. Seine synergetische Wirkung ist ideal in der Prävention von Haarausfall, Stärkung der Haarwiederherstellung Wurzeln, Körper und Vitalität. Technische Eigenschaften: Der Ginseng-Extrakt ist eine wertvolle Hilfe in der dank seiner Tonic Haarausfall Prävention, Förderung und revitalisierende Wirkung. Ginseng ACTIVE LOTION Sonder Formel enthält eine Multivitamin- Complex, der Wiederherstellung der Haarwurzeln nährt die richtige Balance, um das Haarwachstum zu verbessern. Ergebnis: Es verlangsamt Haarverlust durch die Stimulierung Kapillare Glühbirnen Aktivität an den Wurzeln. Professionelle Beratung und Anleitung: Waschen Haare und Kopfhaut mit geeigneten Shampoo (GINSENG Aktiv Shampoo) gründlich und abtrocknen. Bewerben Produkt gleichmäßig auf das Haar. Dann massieren Sie in 3 Phasen. 1 - Massage der Kopfhaut mit fngers Richtung Kopf Krone. 2 - Seite geben lebendige Massage in Richtung Kopf Krone. 3 - Drücken Sie mit vollen Händen die Stirnseite und nach und nach bis zum Nacken gleiten. Verpackung: Box with 12 Fläschchen von 10 ml. Salon service: Treatment to be used in combination with Ginseng Active shampoo to prevent hair loss. Product setting: Lotion in phial, for hair loss prevention. Plus: Weak roots, slow growth and dull hair require the GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION treatment. Its synergic action is ideal in the prevention of hair loss, strengthening hair restoring roots, body and vitality. Technical characteristics: The GINSENG extract is a precious help in hair loss prevention thanks to its tonic, stimulating and revitalizing effect. The GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION's special formula contains a multivitamin complex which nourishes hair roots restoring the correct balance to improve hair growth. Result: It slows hair loss by stimulating capillary bulbs activity at the roots. Professional advice and instructions: Wash hair and scalp with suitable shampoo (GINSENG ACTIVE SHAMPOO) rinse thoroughly and towel dry.
Apply product evenly to hair. Then massage in 3 phases. 1 - massage the scalp with fngers towards the head crown.

2 - give side vibrant massage towards the head crown. 3 - press with full hands the frontal side and gradually slide to the nape. Packaging: Box containing 12 phials of 10 ml.

The Bes Beauty & Science brand is currently present in 76 countries around the world and has a solid distribution network that ensures a punctual and flawless service. The potential of the company, however, suggests a development aimed at getting to know other commercial realities and acquiring new markets. The identification of the same and the expansion of the network of exclusive distributors, national and international, are at the center of the company development strategy. The main objective is to identify the different realities with which the company will have to interact and compare in the future in order to reach market shares that project it into an increasingly important dimension. Today this is the system.

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  • Hairstyle effect: Invigorating
  • Features: GINSENG
  • EAN: 8012689120360
  • Country of manufacture: Italy
  • Brand: BES
  • Volume: 100-200ml
  • Department: Unisex
  • Type: Lotion in vials
  • Type of hair: Weakened
  • Unit: 10 ml

Ginseng Lotion Active BES Box 6 X 12x10ml Treatment Intensive Against Fall    Ginseng Lotion Active BES Box 6 X 12x10ml Treatment Intensive Against Fall